Lal Kitab

A Complete Solution for Lal Kitab ? Red Book

Its very popular and well known Worldwide for many years.

- for your all?problems in life and their solutions...

- Dosha Nivarana / Upaay (remedies)...

- Dos & Dont in life  

- Lal Kitaab Kundli, planet positions, charts based on Lal Kitab

- Varsh Kundli

- Complete Phaladesh / Predictions based on Lal Kitaab

- Dosh Nivaran /? Upaay --- REMEDIES & SOLUTIONS for all troubles in life

- Rrin Vichar

- Horoscope Kundli Package included - birth details, planet position, sudarshan chakra, shodash varga, other hars and calculations..

- Model Printing facility

- Specially designed movable tools, to open and call various charts / dasha / reports to study on any page.

- Special Interface design which is easy to use for both an expert or a novice.. normal person with very little knowledge of computers.

- NOW included with special facility to Export all the generated reports & charts and convert them to pdf (portable document format) , or jpeg or bitmap (image format). This helps you to easily generate reports which can be read without using this software and can be easily emailed or sent to other parties / clients / person easilly.

A complete solution for Lal Kitab astrology

+ more...